Author: rootsphotographymi

R Family Front Porch Mini

Front Porch Mini Sessions are a great way to get some quick family photos to update your picture frames. It’s also easy to incorporate your pets into the photos, because everyone knows they are part of the family too! All we are missing from this shot is the fish, who could not attend this photo […]

Holly and Nissu

This pupper was READY for her close up! Sometimes a little too close! If the photographer is on the ground then she either: A) must want to play or B) needs help! You see, this doggo isn’t just a doodle, she is a SUPER DOODLE! Nissu is a service dog and is extraordinarily smart and […]

W Family Mini Session

This fun-loving family did great with the traditional poses…. … but was exited to get to the goofy shots pretty quickly! Their pupper, Meggie, was the life of the party – I had to be quick with the camera to catch all the action! But their outdoor cat, Phil, wasn’t about to miss the fun […]