E Family Apple Orchard Session

It was an honor to be part of Ben’s first ever trip to an apple orchard. And, at only 10 weeks old, I think he may have set a record!

Though he wasn’t 100% sure what to do with these things called “apples,” I think he had a pretty good time 🙂

I know I had a good time! If I can find any excuse to go to an apple orchard I’ll take it. And we got so many great pictures! Seriously guys I can hardly choose my favorites for this blog . . .

Ben’s got it made – he has a beautiful family that loves him AND the world’s softest blanket!

But one of the sweetest parts was the pictures with Grandpa. These two already have a very special bond. If he cried a little, grandpas arms or grandpas deep voice were the cure.

Finally, here are two more of my favorites because I literally can’t narrow it down.

Enjoy the most adorable family ever.