Category: Family Sessions

S Family Session

This session was an extra-special one because it was done at the clients’ home! When you do an at-home session you get to capture memories and moments that are uniquely YOURS. You can get pictures of your swing set, and the fort you just built, and that one cool tree in the front yard . […]

Back to School!

These two ladies are starting 1st grade off the right way! With some fresh new photos! Virtual learning is new to all of us – I’m doing it too! But we don’t get to experience a lot of things like hanging out in the halls with our friends or getting our school photos done in […]

G Family Session

When you book a family session with me you get your classic mantelpiece family photos: But I’m also dedicated to capturing your true personalities! My family’s favorite pictures have always been the “real” ones – the ones where I’m 4 years old and have 3 layers of clothes on and am wearing heart shaped sunglasses […]

First Communion

One word: Angelic Taking pictures in your First Communion Suit in 80 degree weather takes moxie. Taking pictures in your First Communion Suit in 80 degree weather and ACTUALLY SMILING A REAL SMILE?!?! This kid needs an award! High fives to Gabriel for being the best subject ever!

Graduation at CMU

Graduations looks a little different in 2020. There are no graduation ceremonies, there are no graduation parties, but there ARE still graduation photos! I traveled to Central Michigan University (my alma mater!) to capture these photos for Nick! We had the run of the campus and got shots at every place that was significant to […]